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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Hope? Is that Hope?

It is pretty difficult to find words to describe the pitching performance we saw last night. Superlative. Overwhelming. Overpowering. It is so hard to remember that it was just Felix's second start. Still, there is one fact that is hard to back down from...

That was the best starting pitching performance we have seen all year.

I know we've seen complete games and shutouts, but nothing with as dominating a performance as Felix Hernandez showed last night. This 19 year old kid has come up and become our best pitcher... by far.

For starters, he has an actual fastball. 97-98 mph with regularity. He has insane curves and a changeup that buckles hitters with speeds 15 mph slower.

He can close a hitter out after getting a two-strike count. Hope Piniero and Meche were watching.

He can get out of jams. Again, hope Piniero and Meche were watching.

He has the ability to create his own game plan. Basically, right now he has the type of stuff that he can locate any pitch anywhere. I couldn't believe the type of control he had (which of course we will not see every time out). There were probably about five pitches down the middle of the plate.

For once in this whole season we didn't have to see a quote that goes something like this, "I thought overall "Pitcher" pitched well. He made some bad pitches and paid for them, but he kept us in the ball game. If he had gotten through inning (x) he would have been great. He just needs to work on his consistency." Instead, we get this quote from Ron Gardenhire, "I don't think we're talking about poise," Gardenhire said. "He has a 97 mph fastball and the curveball from hell. You can look past the poise. He had pretty good stuff."

Personally, I think we've found our ace for the next ten years. No need to pay AJ Burnett way too much money in the summer. We have Felix Hernandez, someone who can go up against Rich Harden and win. He is already our ace and he's only 19.

He will strike out 15 in a game, and I hope I'm there.

He will flirt with a no-hitter in the next two years and I hope I'm at least watching.

I am going to a game he starts this year.

It was absurd for ESPN to not have coverage. The game ended and I shot over to see if Baseball Tonight or SportsCenter would do a feature. Nothing. Shot over to nothing. Suffice it to say, I wrote ESPN's ombudsman today to complain. Ridiculous.

The rest of the year is going to be one hell of a ride. Go M's!

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