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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Go Eagles! and other ramblings

Thought I should probably chime in on this idiotic saga. Terrell Owens and the Philly Eagles. How pathetic is it how this has dragged out? Let's look at this from both sides...

Terrell: You signed a contract one year ago. Can't you wait at least one more year before demanding more respect? Is hiring Drew "hair gel" Rosenhaus really the best way to go about getting in front of a team? Is burning every bridge you have worth it if you want to continue being taken seriously in the NFL?

Eagles: Is all of this worth your precious standards? Now your wideouts are Greg Lewis, Reggie Brown, and Crap. You will not succeed without Owens. Why not recognize the fact that he took you to the Super Bowl last year and at least made a pretense of negotiation? The NFL has unguaranteed contracts. If Owens had sucked last year, you might have cut him this year!

These egos are nuts... but honestly, I think Philadelphia loses the most, because teams will just key on Brian Westbrook and he will no longer be able to slot out against linebackers. They won't even have Freddie Mitchell. Not an impressive set of wide receivers.

To continue rambling, what in God's name was Shayam Das thinking when he cut Kenny Roger's suspension to 13 games? What an absurd decision! The guy should have been charged with assault! This all goes to show that for all Billy Hunter's bluster, he hasn't been able to take down David Stern one peg. Ron Artest? Bam. Jermaine O'Neal? Bam. Kenny Rogers wouldn't have played another game this year in Stern's NBA. This is a ridiculous standard, and hopefully the next time a player does something similar he will be slapped far worse.

Finally, this San Francisco Giants stuff is a fairly insane story with many stupid people. Basically, we have gotten to the point where insulting is bad, and it is very bad if you do it to someone of a different color. Makes me think of South Park and Cartman. Larry Dierker should have been fired immediately. Moises Alou "messenger of Satan" should have been firmly reprimanded. Ah... enough of this foolishness.

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