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Friday, August 19, 2005

Friday Ramblings

-- Adrian Beltre had the chance to become the MVP for the Seattle Mariners last night. Unfortunately, he stopped at pulling Ryan (Spiro) Franklin up by the jersey. *sigh* If I hear another quote by Ryan Franklin about how the defense or the offense let him down..... the Mariners HAVE to get rid of this guy in the offseason. I might just boycott any game he pitches for the rest of the year. Unbelievable. Franklin..... you suck, ok? The Mariners would have to score 7 runs a game to give you enough run support. You can't strike anyone out, and you give up a TON of base hits.

-- Can someone tell me why the Minnesota announcers refer to #51 as "Eeshero"? It's kind of weird.

-- Another day, another fluff-piece about the Seahawks, this one focusing on the backup fullbacks. What's next, a piece on the 3rd-string punter? Man, this season can't come quickly enough.

-- The Joe Johnson trade is now a done deal. Once again, the Hawks somehow feel that Joe Johnson is worth 2 #1 draft picks. I was in Phoenix last year. Joe Johnson is a good player who played in a system that used his strengths to the max. He is not a franchise savior, and the Hawks have mortgaged whatever future they have for this guy. I might be a Mariners fan, but I'm sure glad I'm not a Royals fan, or a Hawks fan. (I won't count the Devil Rays, because I don't consider them an actual team.)

-- Mark Shapiro is leaving ESPN. I am a happy man. This is the individual who took a sports network and turned it into yet another cheesy show network where Stephen A. Smith got his own show, there is an actual show called ESPN Hollywood, and another show where one fat sports nerd always beats other fat sports nerds in trivia. It makes perfect sense that Daniel Snyder hired him away.

-- It's really, really fricking hot down here in Phoenix right now. Really hot.

-- I guess that someone named T.O. is having some problems in Philadelphia. Has anyone heard anything about this?

-- That's enough. I feel like we're in a sports holding mode until we get closer to the NFL kickoff.

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