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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Felix Top Ten

Top Ten Signs That King Felix Is Pitching In Safeco Tonight:

10: Fans are actually paying attention to the game.

9: A Mariners pitcher strikes out more than 5 in a start.

8. Mariners players hear a strange noise while in the field. They finally attribute it to the phenomenom known as "cheering".

7: Ricoh's scouting report doesn't include, "Avoid the big inning" and "Keep the ball down".

6: Rick Rizzs gushes about a Mariner not named Willie Bloomquist.

5: Bill Bavasi is seen..... smiling.

4: Christopher Lloyd quits his gig as an Angel in the outfield and becomes the supernatural leader of the Mariners.

3: A large intake of a substance widely called "alcohol" is no longer required to enjoy the game.

2: ESPN remembers the West Coast exists, mentioning the game that happened in Seattle, Warshington.

and the number one sign......

1: Folks at home actually turn off Madden 2006 to watch baseball.

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