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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Egregious Eight

The Road From Bristol is set up by a few Braves fans. It is a highly entertaining site devoted to an NCAA-style tournament voting for the worst ESPN personality, plus they have used several of our quotes to highlight certain ESPN members.

Well, the tournament has reached the final eight. Go over and vote!

The matchups:

Stuart Scott vs. Joe Morgan

-- The individual who is on ESPN all the time, ruining it with horrible catchphrases and being on shows like "Teammates" and "Dream Job", against a baseball announcer who doesn't answer people's questions, has a stupid feud with Ryne Sandberg and an even stupider one against Billy Beane. Truly a tough call. (Both Gavin and I voted for Stu)

Stephen A. Smith vs. Michael Irvin

-- If there is a more annoying on-air persona than SAS, I haven't seen it. Meanwhile, Irvin manages to make Chris Berman, Mike Golic, and Sean Salisbury sound enlightened, which is a truly magical feat. (I voted for SAS)

Dan LeBatard vs. Tony Reali (voting starts tomorrow)

-- How in the world does LeBatard keep getting airtime? This is the person that was angry at people for being angry at Ricky Williams after Ricky ditched the Dolphins to smoke pot with Lenny Kravitz! This is also a key member of the "The Steve Nash MVP vote was racist" fan club! And yet.... Tony Reali hosts "Around the Horn," which is a truly awful show. He is a true jock that seems to bring no actual sports expertise to the show, glorifying Woody Paige and Jay Mariotti.

Skip Bayless vs. Jay Mariotti (voting starts Thursday)

-- Skippy might end up winning this thing, judging from the voting turnout so far. And why not? Please send me a line if you have ever read an article of his that showed actual insight and analysis. Please. Jay Mariotti is loud and obnoxious, but won't stand a chance against the freight train that is Skip.

Go and vote!

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