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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Colin's Back, Baby!

Well, I’m back from my week of vacation. It is as finished as the M’s pitching rotation not only in 2005, but in 2006, thanks to the miracle that is EVERY PITCHER GETTING INJURED. Anyhoo, here are my thoughts on the week that was. Prepare to be, well, not amazed, really, but um…. Just read, ok?

-- Jorge Campillo throws like 19 pitches and needs, probably, ligament replacement surgery, out until 2007 at the earliest. (*update: Yep. Tommy John surgery facing our brave friend from Mexico) GAH!! What did Mariner fans do to deserve this? Did someone touch themselves at night and make baby Jesus cry? Why? Why? Take a look at the injury/pitching lovefest. Moyer has a tweak, Meche is probably injured, Pineiro better be injured, Franklin isn’t injured because of the juice, Campillo is injured, Madritsch is injured, Blackley is injured, Soriano had a setback to his recovery, and our closer’s arm is about to fall off. Mariner’s baseball! What a show!

-- The Mariners finished the month of July scoring about 5 runs a game during the month thanks to the miracle that was Richie Sexson on a hot streak. However, because our pitchers absolutely reeked during the month, we are now 14 games below .500. Note to Lincoln: We are not a contender. Stop saying that we might be. No. No. No biscuit for you.

-- Everyone is in camp for the Seahawks, including Shaun Alexander. This is an extremely good turn of events for Hawk fans. No holdouts, no extracurricular stories to burden players. They can just concentrate on beating the Rams like a red-haired stepchild (where did that saying come from?). Tatapu is already showing some nice instincts, and you know that Ray Rhodes will find an interesting way to use him in some zone schemes.

-- By the way, loved the picture in the Times on Tuesday showing Alexander blocking during a passing drill. Neat! Blocking!

-- There is absolutely no noise surrounding the Hawks this year. I like it. Let ESPN concentrate on the Eagles, Panthers, Falcons, and Vikings. Let them declare the Cardinals victors in the West. The Hawks have Hasselbeck, Alexander, D-Jack, and Walter on offense. I’ll take that over most other options in the NFL. My guess? The Hawks will be hungry this year for a playoff win, and they will earn it.

-- Remember the Sonics? A basketball team from Seattle? Well, they signed Rick Brunson. Whoopee!

-- Over/under on Jerome James’ first fight with Larry Brown: October 16th.

Gavin posted a good round-up on the trades earlier, so I won’t go down that road. I do want to say one thing, though. There is definitely negativism on this blog. That’s mostly because negative issues tend to surface with Seattle sports teams. However, Gavin and I can’t help loving Seattle sports. I am still a huge Mariners fan, and am rejoicing with King Felix on the hill today. I love the Hawks, and look forward to many a hard hit from Ken Hamlin next season. It’s been nice to take a little break, but here’s to Seattle sports! May it not kill me before I turn 40!

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