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Monday, August 22, 2005

Catch up

After a weekend sojourn to the place of magic and wonder (otherwise known as Leavenworth, WA)... a few thoughts on the past weekend:

- Congrats to Seattle for finally getting a major golf event. Golf is growing in popularity up here with several fantastic courses and hopefully the response from the Boeing Greater will help convince the PGA to finally get off their fannies and get us a regular damn tournament.

- Didn't pay any attention to the M's over the weekend. Yay for Gavin. Felix was Felix again, our only chance at a win through the rotation. Piniero fell back to earth, since he still can't strike anyone out. When his K/9 numbers start to rise, that's probably about when we can start talking about his chances at making our rotation next year.

- Ryan Franklin needs to be out of our rotation. I am sick and tired of him and will boycott all of his games from here on out. Excuse monkey.

- Jeremy Reed has to be the smartest hitter every to be such a stupid runner. Yeesh.

- Scott Spiezio is no more. Sometimes we get a hint of what heaven will be like. Now if we could only move Willie Freaking Bloomquist for Jose Lopez my lineup would be satisfactory for the remainder of the year.

- Except to call up Bucky Jacobson. How long does he have to dominate the minors before we let him take some hacks again? Ditto with a call up for Rafael Soriano.

- Anyone noticing Jeff Heaverlo pitching well in AAA too?

- Gil Meche goes on the DL. Sometimes we get a hint of what heaven will be like.

- The Hawks game is blacked out tonight, so I won't be able to recap the first half. Screw the NFL and it's lame rules. IT'S AN EXHIBITION GAME!! WE DON'T WANT TO SPEND 55 BUCKS TO SEE DAVID GREENE THROW TO TACO WALLACE!!

- The next sportswriter who picks Arizona to win the NFC West deserves boils.

- Stuart Scott over Tony Reali in the final four at the Road from Bristol. Gavin has jumped into the lead over Colin in how many quotes have been used.

- The Huskies QB battle appears to now be between Isaiah Stanback and Johnny DuRocher. Hey, at least Casey Paus' name is nowhere to be found.

- Fran Fraschilla has a tremendous article on USA basketball. I started reading it thinking the analysis would be shallow, but Fraschilla actually put some thought into this one.

- ESPN thinks the Patriots are going to be good. Way to go out on a limb.

- Curt Schilling moves back into the Red Sox rotation. I'm not going to play him his first two/three starts because I can't imagine how badly he's going to be smacked around. He's going to be the Red Sox version of Joel Pineiro.

- The White Sox start showing some weaknesses, based on poor hitting. Really? Poor hitting? Yet another reason why if any time other than the St Louis Cardinals wins the World Series it will be a huge shock.

- I'm within a half game of the lead in fantasy baseball with two weeks to go. Brannigan's Love is like Brannigan's Law... hard and fast. Up this week? Colin, who beats the living crap out of me each time.

- Thanks to the better half of the Crushed Optimists staff for plugging the holes this weekend. You rock!

- Three weeks until opening Sunday!

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