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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Case For East Coast Bias #4,529

Here's a pop quiz for all you sports fans out there. Which is the biggest baseball story of today?

A. Orioles, in a free-fall, fire manager Lee Mazzilli
B. Manny Ramirez seeing blurry, Red Sox still win
C. Giambi's homer lifts Yankees to win
D. Felix Hernandez pitches in first MLB game

Well, myself, I would pick D, as Hernandez might be the best pitching prospect this young century. He's 19, throws wicked-fast, and looked extremely good against a quality Detroit Tigers lineup. He threw 5 innings and gave up 1 earned run, as Wiki Gonzalez lazily gave away the second run. Simply put, he is incredible.

Well, sees the sports world a tad differently. Choices A, B, and C are on the front page. D is not. That's right, Baltimore, Boston, and New York are on the front page, while Seattle is not. Can anyone really tell me that Felix would not be on the front page if he was is Baltimore, or was a Red Sox, or a Yankee? Please, someone, I dare you to tell me that.


My name is Colin and I live on the West Coast. Remember us sometimes, ok, ESPN?

(By the way, shout-out to CBSSportsline, which did have Felix on the front page, albeit not the main story, which was Mazzilli's firing)

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