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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Bring on Ruskell!

The more I read about Tim Ruskell and the players he's brought on like Chartric Darby and Lofa Tatupu the more excited I am about this season.

Look, character shouldn't be the only determing factor (see: Randy Moss), but in a league where the talent gap is not tremendous between teams it is something that helps you gain an edge.

Ruskell also just isn't drafting and signing "nice guys". He's signing "nice guys" who happen to be tremendous football players. Mike Boulware, Darby, Tatupu, Dyson, etc.

For Mike Holmgren to give this team a day off in training camp says something. I don't think he's throwing up his hands in disgust. I think he genuinely believes this team had worked hard enough and deserved it.

I'm excited because I see the blueprints of the New England Patriots in these moves. I see us getting players who are also tremendous teammates. I see us creating a defense full of fiesty sparkplugs who aren't going to lay over and play dead in the fourth quarter. I see us creating a future.

By the way, I'll be going at this point to four games... home against Atlanta, St Louis, and San Francisco, and away against Arizona. If anyone's sitting in the 300 section around midfield and sees the tall gangly guy with the D-Jack jersey, that's me. Buy me a beer.

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