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Friday, August 12, 2005

And he started off so well...

John Hollinger, after nailing the 10 worst free agent signings of the year, comes across pretty weak in his 10 best. Two egregious notes for Sonics fans.

1. Giving the Antonio Daniels signing high ratings for the Wizards. Let's get this straight, you guarantee millions of dollars to a 30 year old guard who looks 33 for 5 years and this is a good move? This may be a good move this year, and possibly even next year. A good move three years from now? You have to be kidding me. He's going to be lucky not to break his ankle and miss half a year.

2. Completely dissing Ray Allen by not including him at all. You resign one of the top ten players in the league and the resigning of Chris Andersen was higher? The hell?

Speaking of which, any move by Charlotte to retain the biggest joke of the Slam Dunk competition in the past decade does not rank as the 4th best move this offseason. That's a columnist trying to sound smart by saying something stupid.

There are some other wierd notes (The Hawks sign a backup center from the Bucks! Bam!), but the number one move was definitely not the Heat bringing in White Chocolate and Antoine Walker. This move will backfire. The Pacers will destroy the Heat.

All in all, a pretty poor effort. At least the Stromile Swift signing got mentioned. That makes the Rockets my sleeper pick in the West. A boring sleeper pick, but one nonetheless.

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