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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Anaheim vs Oakland (1995 redux?)

The LA Angels of Anaheim are experiencing a horrible flashback to 1995, as their huge lead in the AL West has been completely erased. I personally believe that much credit has to be laid at the feet of the Lord, who is punishing Arte Moreno for this whole naming crap.

However, an even bigger reason is because Gavin was right (and that Gavin was wrong). I was completely right about the potential ineffectiveness of Anaheim's offense, including Steve Finley, who I wrote at the beginning of the year was an awful signing. Still, just look through that lineup, and especially with Vlad Guerrero struggling for a month (which I am well aware of since he's on my fantasy team) they just can't score enough runs to compete. Of course, before my head swells too far I was wrong about how long it would take Oakland's pitching to come around. I thought a year, the correct answer was two months. Win some, lose some.

Still, at this point Oakland is my choice to win the AL West. Both offenses are terrible, and Oakland's pitching is good enough to carry the day. This series will do a ton to move all of our opinions one way or the other.

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