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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Visit This Site. Now.

Have you ever wanted to slam Stu Scott up against the wall and tell him to shut up? Do you ever wonder why Woody Paige, who has an immense problem with the English language, has two shows on ESPN? Does the extremely, EXTREMELY loud Stephen A. grate on your ears like the sound of a thousand nails on a thousand chalkboards?

Well, there is a site you absolutely HAVE to vist.

Some Braves fans have come up with a site devoted to a tournament deciding, once and for all, who is the absolute WORST ESPN PERSONALITY.

There are 4 regions, including the Duke region, the Yankees/Red Sox region, and the Los Angeles Lakers regional. There are 16 seeds in every region. #1 seeds are Stuart Scott, Stephen A. Smith, Chris Berman, and Dick Vitale. There will be different subregionals going at any particular time. All you need to do is add your comment on each matchup, the votes will be tallied, and the worst anchor will advance.

Go. Vote. Often.

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