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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Two More Days To Go....

I need real baseball back. Not the All-Star game. Real baseball. It doesn't help that the Mariners had their best series of the season right before the break, or that John Levesque (not going to link to it) wrote ANOTHER idiotic article, this one about how Wee Willy is the greatest Mariner of all time. I might be slightly exaggerating there, but.... come on, John!

If Bob Weiss is a serious candidate for the Sonics job, I am alright with that. He definitely knows the system, knows the players, and there should be a seamless transition. I would still prefer Flip or Iavaroni, however.

King Felix is back after a short bout with bursitis. At least, it better remain a short bout, because my heart could probably not take another pitching injury.

Pitchers I am interested in seeing during the second half of the season: King Felix (of course), Campillo (junkballer, I know), Sherrill (WAY better than Thornton), Soriano (if he's healthy), and Nageotte (could be one heck of a reliever).

Hitters I am interested in seeing during the second half of the season: Snelling (not on the bench, in the lineup), Christianson (can't be any worse than Olivo), and Jacobson (if healthy).

Well....... have fun watching the All-Star game. I will either watch IT or watch "The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou" which I have rented and have yet to watch.

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