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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Trade Talk

Two trades discussed today involving the San Diego Padres.

1. Two minor league San Diego pitchers to the Reds for 3B Joe Randa
The Reds can't have enough minor league pitching and have a prospect waiting in the wings. Randa has parlayed a decent offensive season in a pitcher's park into this deal, which frankly is a big win for the Reds in my books. While this is an upgrade for San Diego over the struggling Sean Burroughs, it is not in my opinion an "impact" move.

2. Orioles trade P Sidney Ponson to the Padres for 1B/3B Phil Nevin (per approval)
This trade makes absolutely no sense whatsoever to me. I know it's a salary dump, but who on earth would want to trot Ponson out there every five days in a playoff race? Seriously... who? Frankly, this irritates me as well from an M's fans perspective. Where is the deal for Jamie Moyer if someone wants Ponson? Absurd. So basically I feel that the Padres did poorly in two deals.

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