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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Shaun Alexander Note... has a blog on Shaun's situation, which is hit-and-miss. Does a good job detailing why we are not willing to give Shaun a long-term deal in the Clinton Portis range. Does a bad job trying to shill for Alexander.

Here's the deal...

Shaun does not block
Shaun cannot pick up third-and-one behind one of the top o-lines in the league
Shaun takes plays off
Shaun runs poor pass routes
Shaun does not block... at all... in fact teams know when we are going to pass for when he's out of the lineup
Shaun is a me-first athlete
Shaun fumbles on those third-and-ones

Yes, he is running better between the tackles, is great in the open field, and is probably better than anything available. Still, not worth big money. Not at all. I hope the Hawks draw the line with him and his "principles". My "principle" is that he picks up hard yards. I don't want to see Mack Strong anymore. I don't want us to never be able to run out the clock. Not anymore.

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At 1:15 PM, Blogger colin_hesse said...

Gavin, I wonder whether we see the bad easily because we see Shaun so much, and we discount just how good he is. Maybe if he imagined that the goal line was just ahead on every 3rd and 1....

If you really want him out, who would you say would replace him? How would our offense function?


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