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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Seattle Sports Thoughts

David Locke (not writing about the M's) has an excellent article about the return of Ray Allen and its inherent importance. It sure is nice for a superstar to stay in Seattle for a change come the free agent season. We've said enough goodbyes. Maybe it's time for a Sonic to retire a Sonic.

Random Sonics thought... if Gary Payton is willing to become a backup, would he be a decent fit as our backup point guard? Big if on that whole backup thing, I know. Still... a man can dream.

My new favorite Mike Hargrove quote from the Seattle Times... "Seattle took pregame infield practice Monday for the first time this season. "We had intended to take infield before the first game of every series, but we got away from it," Hargrove said. "I really don't know what you're accomplishing with it. This way catchers get to throw down to second, outfielders get to throw to third." This is your M's manager, ladies and gentlemen, Mike Hargrove, slogan, "I honestly don't know what I'm doing". Of course, this slogan is buttressed by the above paragraph that detailed Willie Bloomquist's fourth consecutive start, this with Chris Snelling up from AAA. This slogan is also buttressed by Snelling being pinch-hit for last night by Scott FREAKING Speizio. Speizio has mastered the art of the deep fly ball that arcs foul before weakly grounding out. Probably picked that up in AAA.

Reason why AAA stats are overrated... Greg Dobbs is hitting over .300. Riiiiiight.

People keep on jumping aboard the Shaun Alexander bus. Look, I know the stats are sexy, I know he's consistent, and I know he stays healthy. This is why Shaun is better than anything we currently have. But is he worth a long term rich contract? Absolutely not. If the league was sold on his effectiveness, do you think we might have had some real trade talks this offseason? Maybe? This is a player who instead of celebrating us clinching the division was pissed that Holmgren called that QB sneak on the goalline... this after having a billion chances to pick up yards on that drive but managing to lose yards each time. Name one time that we managed to pick up a really difficult third-and-one by giving him the ball. Name one time that we actually ran down the clock instead of asking our defense (and Michael Boulware by extension) to stop the opposing offense. When those questions are answered I'll be a fan. Until then, he's a better performing Randy Winn.

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