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Friday, July 08, 2005

Seattle Soccer Fans?

I was one of only 15,000 people (generous total to be sure) on hand to watch the opening match for the US in the CONCACAF Gold Cup against Cuba. For starters, that's a ridiculous total. You all should be over this team, watching Landon Donovan, DeMarcus Beasley, Frankie Hejduk (spelling probably wrong) and friends play ball. This was a tremendous amount of fun.

The first half was fairly mediocre. The US squad was far too tentative, and didn't let Beasley run. We would send some probing shots in but were unable to generate real chances. In the meantime the defense, especially Tony Sanneh (my favorite player from the World Cup) looked awful, allowing several good chances and the first goal. We were all shocked at that point. How could we be losing to Cuba?

Ben Olson and Frankie Hejduk then took over the match from an energy standpoint and rallied the team to greater chances, finally ending in the first goal near the end of the half, which was a BLATANT offsides. In other words, we got lucky. Real lucky. Man, were the Cubans pissed to. But that's what happens when you take on the bourgeois, my friends. They always win.

The red card at the beginning of the second half was the end of any chance the Cubans had at winning, because there was no way they were going to generate scoring opportunities a man down.

At that point it was still tied 1-1 and we were waiting for Landon Donovan. When he took off his warmups the crowd started sounding like 40,000. The energy he brought to the club was ridiculous. We had scoring chance after scoring chance, but the field was obviously slippery and forwards had difficulty pivoting on crosses. Then one of the best free kicks I've seen by Donovan tied it and we were in heaven. Beasley and Donovan work so well together. They are going to give any defense fits. They simply know where each other are at all times. After we went up one, Cuba's resolve faltered and it was go time. Bam.

To all you Seattle sports fans out there... next time you call yourself a fan, try actually supporting a team with a legitimate chance of success in next year's World Cup. It is a once every other year opportunity. To not take advantage of it is criminal.

Vive la revolucion!

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