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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Schilling as closer?

The Red Sox players are pissed. Skip Bayless is pissed at the Red Sox. What do I think of Curt Schilling's new possible role as a closer? Well, I drafted Curt Schilling into my fantasy team hoping he would lock down my rotation with wins and strikeouts. He will do neither in the bullpen. This is a guy who takes a while to warm up with a set ritual, and the Red Sox believe that he can warm up quickly to enter high pressure situations? Seems pretty ridiculous to me.

Exactly what stupidity has to take over your mind to even consider not having Schilling in your lineup? They say it's to get him ready for game shape. How does pitching one inning every once in a while get you stretched out for starting?

I just don't see this ending well for the Red Sox. If they want to win another World Series, they need Curt Schilling anchoring their rotation, and if they want to hold off Baltimore and New York in the second half of the year they don't want their best pitcher only closing games.

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