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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

An offseason completed?

Shaun Alexander is now officially a Seattle Seahawk for next season. Now, I have my beefs with Alexander, but I want him more than Maurice Morris to carry the load. Plus, this is still Hasselbeck's team. For the morons that still will pick Arizona to win, I give you this:


Arizona - Kurt Warner: He has done nothing but get older in the past four years. He fumbles more than Dave Krieg. His arm strength is not what it was. He holds onto the ball too long. But he's a leader!

Seattle - Matt Hasselbeck: He keeps on improving, and the pressure of the contract year is off. He has continually performed in the playoffs, as it is completely no fault of his that we lost those two games. If he continues to improve, he can carry this team (if the WR's catch the ball).

Major Edge: Seattle

Running Back:

Arizona - J.J. Arrington: An unproven, undersized rookie that had a few good years in college but most teams had as a 4-5 rounder and Arizona took him in the 2nd (I believe).

Seattle - Shaun Alexander: Gets into the end zone. 1 yard away from getting the rushing title.

Major Edge: Seattle

Offensive Line:

Arizona: Terrible, and got worse over the offseason. Worst part of their team by FAR.

Seattle: Walter Jones. Hutch. Tobeck. No Chris Terry. Womack. Might be stronger this year.

Major Edge: Seattle

Wide Receivers:

Arizona: Larry Fitzgerald is a stud, and Boldin is not far behind. However, none of them are true deep threats. Best part of their team. Can Warner get the protection in order to get the ball to them? Remains to be seen.

Seattle: DJack has to step up, as does Engram now as the true #2 option. I love the signings of Pathon and Jurevicius, as our drops should, well, drop.

Small Edge: Arizona

Tell me why again that Arizona might be the favorite? I haven't even talked about how their secondary has gotten worse, plus the fact that the Hawks defense should be much improved. I am a huge believer in Ruskell and Reinfeldt.

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At 4:52 PM, Blogger Jeremy said...


I have no problem with some of the media folks picking Arizona as the NFC West champ. Let them. They will look silly in the end.

And yes, J.J. Arrington was a 2nd round pick. He was picked right before the Seahawks took Lofa Tatupu.


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