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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

NHL: Any Future?

The inevitable has finally happened as the NHL lockout came to an end with an agreement between the owners and the player's union.

The player's got worked, with a salary cap set at $39 mill that supposedly was the sticking point this entire time.

Now the question is.... will anyone care when the NHL season starts up this fall?

I admit that I have not been an avid NHL fan growing up. A good friend of mine (you know who you are, Jay) finally got me interested in the Colorado Avalanche, and I enjoyed watching some playoff hockey during my college years. One reason I was excited to move down to Phoenix was the opportunity to see some NHL hockey, and Brett Hull had even joined the Coyotes.

Here's my thinking. The NHL didn't lose me, because I wasn't a big fan to begin with. If this deal does what the owners thought it would, including helping small-market teams compete with the big boys, help keep salaries down, and improve on-ice play allowing more scoring and less zone defenses, then, long-term, this might actually help a fan like me become more interested.

I'm not one to be vindictive about this sort of thing. The players were stupid, thinking that they could get more then what reality said they could. The sport was dying, revenue streams drying up. They deserved to be waxed, and they deserve any backlash that is received. But the truth is that this was business. I don't quit riding on airplanes when Boeing workers go on strike. I don't quit going to school when teachers come back from going on strike. Why in the world would I discontinue watching NHL games?

The product better be good, though. The product better be good.

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