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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

NFC West Preview - Take 1

ESPN's Scouts have done a first look at the teams in the NFC West, and I am both pleased and frustrated with their performance. They make some excellent points, including:

1. Arizona has no offensive line.
2. Arizona has no offensive line.
3. Arizona has no offensive line.

I highlight this point, as I will again many times (as will Colin), because to all those who believe that the Cardinals are going to sweep the division aside, Kurt Warner leaving us all in his wake, should remember that Kurt Warner fumbles more than Dave Krieg, falls down if someone breathes on him too hard, and will be injured soon. This is not rocket science.

The Scouts also point out that the Rams will throw the ball a lot (wow, they get paid money for that?) and that the 49ers will be conservative offensively (even more impressive).

Then they make this statement about Seattle: "a secondary that doesn't match up very well in coverage situations."

What? Andre Dyson, Marcus Trufant, Ken Hamlin, and Michael Boulware would be what I would call a STRENGTH, not a main weakness. They don't write anything about our linebacking core. That could be a weakness. Man, they actually pay people to write this crap?

So anyways, overall a weak effort, except that finally a national article points out the main flaw in the "Cardinals shall rule the universe" mentality sweeping the nation.

Speaking of idiotic mentalities sweeping the nation, Mike Golic joins the throng praising the offseason of the Dallas Cowboys because they upgraded their defense. Well, yippie-ki-yay. Apparently they just needed Drew Bledsoe to improve their absurdly bad offense. Instead, they needed to dramatically change a defense that two years ago was the best in the league. I still think the Cowboys miss the playoffs. At least Golic had the Broncos as one of the teams with the worst offseason. THANK YOU.

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