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Monday, July 18, 2005

NBA Notes - Monday Edition

- Larry Brown is supposedly on his way out of Detroit. This is probably for the best. It was pretty darn irritating to have him play coy all freaking year with his players. This opens the door for Flip Saunders to win an NBA title, which is pretty cool. Also, is Nate McMillan now a little angry he took a crappy situation in Portland? He would have been a better fit than Saunders with his style of game.

- Bob Weiss is the new coach of the SuperSonics. This is definitely a "stay the course" type decision, except that we have no assistant coaches, losing many of our players, and don't know where we're going from here. Not exactly sure how Weiss wins in that situation. Not exciting, but probably won't suck.

- Speaking of free agents, I took a look through Chad Ford's latest top 25 free agents and have my own little wish list... here it is:

1. Tyson Chandler, C, Bulls - he's probably too expensive, and he has no offensive game, but man can he rebound and play defense. He would be the perfect replacement for Reggie Evans. The Sonics have shown interest.

2. Stromile Swift, F, Grizzlies - he's a big man who can score. What more do I have to write? Again, the Sonics have shown interest, but need to beat out the Nets.

3. Gary Payton, PG, Boston - could Payton be the counterpoint to Ridnour this year? It could be a nice fit...

4. Dan Dickau, PG, New Orleans - we need another PG, Dickau looked very solid last year.

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