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Saturday, July 09, 2005

My New Hero, Part II

My hero today? Ted Miller in the PI, who, once again, writes what we here at Crushed Optimists have been writing.

1. McMillan wanted to leave
2. We don't know yet if McMillan is worth that kind of money
3. The Sonics will be just fine
4. Yes, it was partly about the money
5. Yes, it was partly about the resentment
6. The media love McMillan, and hesitate to write anything wrong about him

Sorry about writing yet another one of these, I know this is getting pretty repetitive. I guess I just enjoy a writer agreeing with me.

Gavin: Colin beat me to the punch on this one. This, more than anything, was the article I have been waiting for out of a Seattle columnist. It's not bitter. It's not judgmental. It's realistic. This huge pity party that John Levesque and Steve Kelley have been enjoying is pretty darn ridiculous. Just because McMillan is a likeable guy doesn't mean you shouldn't ask the obvious questions about his capabilities as a coach. Let cooler heads prevail before searching for the tar and feathers for Wally Walker.

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