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Monday, July 18, 2005

M's Thoughts

So I was at the game yesterday and came to this realization... I apparently am a major good luck charm for Miguel Olivo, because I've been at his two best games of the season. Yesterday and April 24th against the Cleveland Indians. Maybe when he looks into the mirror, as Steve Kelley (in yet another idiotic lull) writes today, he just needs to see my bored face starting right back.

We sent down Snelling. Yippee. More Winn.

Why can Florida get so much (possibly) for AJ Burnett and yet nobody wants Jamie Moyer? Oh right... the strikeouts...

Yesterday was a microcosm of our entire season. The first five innings we make Sidney Ponson, one of the weakest pitchers in the entire league, look like a Cy Young candidate. Then we bat around for five runs in the sixth, including several two-out hits by our youngsters Morse and Lopez, and started by our youngster Olivo. Then we played add-on, where our lineup was looking pretty fearsome against Baltimore's albeit weak bullpen. Our starting pitching was mediocre, with no strikeouts. Our bullpen (pre Eddie) managed to not give up runs, but not for trying. We played fantastic defense. The only wierd cog was Eddie Guardado giving up an earned run. We just screamed "we're mediocre" the entire game.

I like Matt Morse. Can we please continue playing him instead of Bloomquist. He has a fantastic approach right now at the plate and he's only 22. Can we quit thinking about his minor league stats yet? I repeat... he's only 22.

Is Adrian Beltre back to "Hack a Beltre"? He looked lost.

Is it bad that the most exciting thing about this team right now is watching the trade wire?

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