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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

MLB Midseason Awards

Time for some good times! Midseason Awards! Utterly meaningless!

American League: MVP: Manny Ramirez, Boston Look, the guy just hits and hits and hits and drives the juggernaut which is the Red Sox offense. David Ortiz might have some better stats, but Manny leads in RBI and honestly, who do you want up in a clutch situation?

Colin: Manny Ramirez? Look, I know he has 80 RBI, but, to me, the story of the AL has been the Chicago White Sox, and the MVP of the Chicago White Sox is Mark Buehrle. I am one of those few that believe that a pitcher can and should win the MVP award sometimes. The starting rotation of the White Sox has been remarkable, and Buehrle has led the way with a 10-3 mark, a 2.58 ERA, 136 innings pitched.... wow.

Cy Young: Mark Buehrle, Chicago Every time I watch him I can't believe he gets people out that consistently. I've decided that he is a left-handed Greg Maddux. He doesn't have great stuff, but places it amazingly well. He is the drive behind the White Sox's amazing start. Hopefully he even gets some MVP votes.

Colin: Because I have Buehrle as my MVP, I have to pick someone else for my Cy Young. That person is.... Kenny Rogers (duck). He pitches half his games at Arlington, he's over 40, and he is 10-4 with a 2.54 ERA and 113.1 innings pitched. What he has done is, frankly, remarkable, and deserves some credit beyond his boneheaded incident with the cameraman.

LVP: Adrian Beltre, Seattle We were supposed to be quite a bit better this year, based on the 100 plus million we shelled out for Beltre. He has been far less than advertised.

Colin: If this was a half-season award, then I would be fine awarding this to Beltre. But, looking at the possibilities for the year as a whole, my LVP has to be Steve Finley. Beltre was not supposed to catapult us to a top-tier team, but Finley was supposed to be the final piece to help the Angels reach the World Series. Instead, he has battled injuries and currently sports a .225 BA with 8 HR and 39 RBI. He has forced the Angels to start looking for another bat to get out of the divisional series in the postseason.

LVP (pitcher): Randy Johnson, NYY This should actually also include Carl Pavano and Jaret Wright. These three were supposed to give the Yankees a feared rotation. Instead they are weak as anything and the Yankees are locked into extensions for all of them.

Colin: This is one conclusion I have to agree with. The Yankees massively overpayed for these guys, and the one pitcher for the Yankees that has pitched well is a rookie named Wang. Absolutely horrible.

Story of the Second Half: Watch the White Sox struggle as statistical anamolies push their insane record in one run games back where it should be. Dustin Hermanson is your closer. Let's repeat that. Dustin Hermanson is your closer.

Colin: The Yankees fall out of contention by September, Joe Torre is fired, and Lou Piniella prepares to head up north. Is there any bigger story in baseball than that?

Playoff Picks: Boston, Chicago, Anaheim, Oakland (they're baaaaack)

Colin: Boston, Chicago, Anaheim, Minnesota

National League: MVP: Derek Lee, Chicago Who else could it be? The guy might be a Triple Crown winner. Can he keep it up? He's hitting in Wrigley, so anything's possible.

Colin: No disagreement here. I hope he continues this, because it is seriously fun to watch.

Cy Young: Roger Clemens, Houston Until his ERA shoots above 2.00 this award is his, no matter what his won-loss record is. That is insane. I thought he was done two years ago. He looks like he could go another five.

Colin: I'll go out on a semi-limb and say that Dontrelle Willis finally has a good 2nd half and wins it in an extremely close vote to Roger.

LVP: Mike Lowell, Florida No one epitomizes the problems this team has had more than Lowell. The Marlins are the most underacheiving club in the majors, and the inconsistency out of their stars has to end to get them in the race.

Colin: Even though Lowell is on my fantasy team and I am really tempted to agree, I have to go with Cristian Guzman, he of the .201 BA and sub-par defense to boot. He might cost the Nationals a shot at unseating the Braves atop the NL East.

LVP (pitcher): Eric Milton, Reds Although it was unfair to stick a flyball pitcher into that ballpark, the Reds were supposed to be a competitive team, Milton as its leader. Instead they have struggled yet again and Milton looks lost.

Colin: I'm going with the Kerry Wood/Mark Prior tandem, for the same reason as the Yankees staff. So much was expected of these guys, and their continued problems with injuries has cost a devoted fan base ANOTHER year of no World Series, WASTING this year by Lee.

Story of the Second Half: Milwaukee's youth comes up, dominates everyone with power and average.

Colin: The fact that, outside of St. Louis, the AL has superior players and teams overall. Seriously, there is a reason that the AL has dominated the All-Star game.

Playoff Picks: Atlanta, St Louis, San Francisco, Florida

Colin: Washington, St. Louis, San Diego, Houston

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