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Monday, July 25, 2005

Let the Trading Frenzy Commence!

This should be one of the most exciting weeks for us as Mariner fans this whole year. Can we get rid of some dead weight? Can we get some hot prospects? Bavasi has to do something, as we should be in full "sellers" mode. Here are my (albeit incredibly optimistic) goals for the week.

1. Trade Randy Winn
Of course this has to happen, as Colin detailed below. We have no outfield power. None. We have an outfield full of shortstops. Colin and I actually mentioned this at the beginning of the year, and if we had gotten rid of Winn earlier perhaps we would have had some punch, but no... anyways, where does Winn go? Anywhere there is a need for outfield help (New York Yankees, Atlanta, San Diego) are all options. We should get at least one "B" prospect for Randy. Carl Pavano is a pipe dream.

2. Trade Eddie Guardado
This just has to happen. He's having a career year with a torn rotator cuff. How long is that shoulder going to remain attached? Anyone's guess. We need a closer, but with all those potentials waiting in the wings (Soriano, Sherrill, Nageotte) why hold on to Guardado? We could definitely get one "A" prospect for him from desperate clubs (Baltimore, Boston, New York (either), Atlanta, Florida).

3. Trade Jamie Moyer
For any team willing to trade for Sidney Ponson, let's give you a slightly better option for the end of the rotation. A veteran pitcher perfect for a pennant run. Moyer may not be an ace anymore, but he'll give you six solid innings and solidify anyone's rotation. With the trade market for pitchers so poor, teams (New Yorks, San Diego, Arizona, Philly) should be falling over themselves for Jamie.

4. Trade any combination of Jeff Nelson, Ron Villone and Shiggy Hasegawa
None of these men contribute as well as their ERAs suggest. Villone especially should be a welcome member of a top staff. They are all solid veterans who are way too expensive for us at this point. Again, with these solid bullpen kids waiting, it's time to let them take control.

5. Hold on to Raul Ibanez
Quick, how many left handed power bats do we have? Answer: one. Quick, how many left handed power bats do we need? Answer: as many as possible because of Safeco Field.

6. Package Scott Speizio in a trade
This might actually be doable. He is a serviceable bat who has gotten zero opportunities to prove himself this year. It would be a tremendous coup to get him off our books and I'd bet money he would actually be a spark to whatever team he went to.

7. Feel free to trade Piniero or Sele
But really, what team wants a piece of them? I'd still like us to keep Franklin, but in a bullpen role. Really, if he'd just accept that he'd have a job for life.

8. Get two quality starting prospects for next year
We need help in our rotation. For next year we have Madritsch, Felix, and Campillo. Calling all starters, calling all starters...

Remember, we have Bucky waiting in the wings, so a power bat might not be incredibly necessary. Move Raul into the outfield to platoon with Snelling and stick Bucky at the DH(platoon with Raul as well). We have good options. Let's have fun! Just please, please don't do nothing.

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