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Saturday, July 09, 2005

LeBron gets a sidekick

Big story yesterday: Larry Hughes is joining Cleveland. Many writers have been quick to point out that Hughes has a suspect outside jumpshot, which was a huge need for the Cavs. This is true, and is why Ray Allen or Michael Redd would have been a better fit. Still, Larry (outside of getting absolutely dominated by Dwayne Wade in the playoffs) was one of the top five guards in the league this past season, and brings some defensive intensity as well. In fact, LeBron and Larry Hughes might be one of the best defensive pair of guards in the league, and could easily become THE best pair overall in the league.

The fact was... Cleveland is desperate to put together a winner to convince LeBron to sign an extension. They couldn't just sit on all the cap room they have. They need to make the playoffs next year, prove to James that they are moving forward. LeBron had NO sidekick. If he had a bad game, the Cavs lost. End of story. They had no talent (although Drew Gooden had a bit of a resurgence and Ilgauskas wasn't awful). Now a starting lineup that includes Larry Hughes, LeBron James, Drew Gooden, Zydrunas Ilgauskas (if they resign him) and filler can easily compete in the weak Eastern Conference. I believe this signing will elevate them to the upper echelon of teams, as now Cleveland will be able to score with anyone.

Congrats Cleveland... I'm rooting for you to retain your star.

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