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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Latest Trade Rumors

From ESPN.Com (Insider section, so no link)

Bret Boone: Possible suitors are the Cubs, Red Sox, Yankees, or Padres. The best we can hope for is a middling pitching prospect plus some money. Not much to cheer for.

Eddie Guardado: Possible suitors are the Red Sox, Yankees, or Nationals, who have an overworked bullpen. It will be interesting to see how the Mike Timlin as closer experiment goes for the Red Sox, but I expect that we could get an actual nice prospect for Eddie if we do decide to let him go.

Shiggy Hasegawa: Possible suitor is the Red Sox. The overall bullpen for the Sox is even worse than ours, and they could use a veteran like Shiggy to improve. Again, don't expect anyone special if this deal happens.

Randy Winn: Possible suitors are the Dodgers, Yankees (though they have recently said that Winn doesn't fit with their plans), and Astros for Brandon Backe, who sure wouldn't be a huge improvement over anyone in our current rotation unless he made some huge strides.

Jeff Nelson: Looks like he might go on waivers soon, and ESPN expects him to be picked up as soon as that happens.

Jamie Moyer: That whole 10/5 thing nixes a lot of possibilities, but it seems like the Padres still might be interested. I would only want us to trade Moyer if we could get a solid prospect for him, because I selfishly want him to retire a Mariner.

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