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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Late-Night Saturday

-- We scored 1o runs TWICE against the Angels. We have scored 8 runs in three games so far against the Orioles, and are decidedly lucky to have won one of them.

-- What's wrong with the lineup? Ichiro is still not firing on all cylinders, Winn is in a slump, Ibanez is in a mini-slump, Sexson is fine (though he still strikes out too much), Beltre is back to hitting a few singles and striking out, Reed is not improving at the plate and has not shown any power, Bloomquist is doing alright (strangely enough), Morse is fine, Lopez is struggling (looks like he is trying to cope with the whole every-day thing), and our catchers just can not hit the baseball. Seriously, watching Borders and Olivo hit.... a little piece of me dies every time. When you think about the other team's #9 hitters having over a .300 average against us, that is a huge minus for our team.

-- So, in conclusion, our lineup.... blah. So, Hargrove, care to rethink your previous statement that no one performed "out of the ordinary" in Anaheim?

-- I heartily agree with Jeremy over at Sports & B's. You DO NOT boo your team, even if you are looking for Palmeiro to hit #3000. We need to grow up a little as a fan base. Baseball is not just a sideshow where you take the little kiddies and have a hot dog. Baseball is also about your team beating the other team more times than they beat you. That is what is MOST important.

-- However, Piniero definitely should shut up until he remembers how to throw in the 94-95 mph range. Until he does, he will not improve, because hitters are waiting on that curveball and can easily foul off his excuse for a fastball.

-- One reporter is already calling Lawrence Roberts a steal in the NBA draft. Well, that is yet another Sonics draftee that they traded for absolutely nothing. Good job, Sund. Of course, I can't get too upset until Roberts proves it by performing in the Big Show, not the summer league. I finally see that the Sonics are putting out feelers for Stromile Swift. That is a move I can appreciate.

-- What is with Vlade trying to get starter's money? What position would he play? Power forward? Don't make me laugh. The Sonics tried that already, but Vlade has a strong aversion to fighting for the ball down low and going after rebounds. There is no reason to give him a huge amount of dollars, and if his attitude resurfaces as a problem, I would honestly prefer to see him in an Atlanta Hawks uniform, and laugh all the while.

-- Boone is something like 1/13 for the Twins. Ouch.

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