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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Keep or Trade?

There is a very interesting article (for once) by Larry Stone today in the Times where he gives his two cents on whether to trade or keep certain Mariners. Here is my two cents on the same players.

Gavin: Colin beat me to this one, my inputs are also below.

Eddie Guardado: (Stone - keep) I am firm in my stance that Guardado is the most valuable trading commodity the Mariners have, while an ace closer is a luxury a middling team can not afford. Guardado had not pitched in a week before coming into the game on Sunday. We should be able to get an excellent pitching prospect from one of several teams, including the Red Sox, the Yankees, the White Sox, and the Braves.

Gavin: I agree. Guardado is pitching through a torn rotator cuff and is getting up there in years. With potential closers Soriano, Sherril, Nageotte, and Putz around we need to get something for Guardado. No way the White Sox want Dustin Hermanson as their closer. No way the Red Sox are going to stick with Schilling as long as he has NO drive from his ankle. Someone is going to get desperate and we should get a decent prospect because of it.

Jamie Moyer: (Stone - trade) Behind Guardado, Moyer might be right there in fulfilling a team's need, especially the Yankees. However, he does have the 10/5 clause, so it will be extremely hard to trade him. Bavasi, only do it if the prospects are above average.

Gavin: Definitely trade Moyer. For starters, Moyer wouldn't get mad at the M's and we could actually resign him if we wanted to, because he totally understands the business aspect of this. Also, everyone needs starting pitching. If the Yankees were desperate enough to claim Al Leiter, someone is going to pony up something to grab Jamie.

Gil Meche: (Stone - keep) Why do the Marlins and the White Sox covet this guy? I don't know, but if we can sucker them into taking him for an A.J. Burnett or a top-tier prospect, we have to make that deal. Yes, he might become an ace, but I have serious doubts about that. Again, I wouldn't make a trade simply to make a trade with him.

Gavin: This is such a tough one. I have a tendency to agree with Stone, however. I want one more year of Meche (age 27, prime point to see what he's got). Case in point: Chris Carpenter. Years of maddenning mediocrity turning into a Cy Young candidate (and my best fantasy pitcher). Meche has the best stuff on our staff, he does have 10 wins for all his warts, and if he learned how to put batters away he would be one of the top ten pitchers in the AL. The proposed trade with the White Sox would have been for Jose Contreras, which would have been an absurd trade from our perspective. I say keep him.

Joel Pineiro: (Stone - trade) For me, the proper treatment of Joel is to stop him pitching right now and put him under the knife to fix whatever is wrong with him. He is not the same pitcher that he was when he came up, and I wonder why Seattle sports writers do not try to answer that question.

Gavin: Whatever gets this man out of our current rotation is okay with me. This is a complete "buyer beware" scenario.

Raul Ibanez: (Stone - keep) Definitely keep. He has been our most consistent hitter, and his swing is tailor-made for Safeco Field.

Gavin: What do we need? Left-handed power. What is Raul Ibanez? Our only current source. He's also been our best hitter, as Colin said, he's starting to take to the DH role, and we need him in this rebuilding process.

Randy Winn: (Stone - trade) This is the one person I definitely want traded, and for exactly the same reason as Stone stated. We need to address the GLARING problem of having NO outfield power. Bring up Snelling, and let's see what he can do in a regular role.

Gavin: I'd trade him for a stick of gum and a diet soda, just to see Snelling play every day.

Ron Villone: (Stone - keep) If some team is sucker enough to give us a valuable prospect for Villone, we should grudgingly accept while snickering under our breath.

Gavin: But Villone's a bulldog! Doesn't anyone read the paper? We have to keep him. Note: the preceding words were brought to you in the spirit of sarcasm. Sarcasm, an M's fan's best friend.

Shiggy Hasegawa: (Stone - trade) See Villone, Ron

Gavin: We are spending way too much money for mediocrity. Shiggy, meet your new friends, the Boston Red Sox.

Alright, my two cents thrown in there....

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