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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Just Get Rid Of Sele


I don't care who they stick in. Probably Campillo.

I just can't watch many more pitching performances like that.

Just horrible. Horrible.


Gavin: Knowing Sele, he'll go out and throw three fairly decent performances after this just to put the seed of doubt in everyone's mind. Still, we'll probably release him and some idiot team like the Yankees will pick him up just to see how awesome he is in clutch situations. Basically, the guy can't locate a pitch... and Colin called the Hinske home run, which is pretty par for the course for him. I think it's sad when I put a player in my fantasy lineup specifically because he's facing the M's (Vernon Wells) and he responds with oodles of runs, rbis, and total bases. Hooray! We're mediocre! Still, kinda cool seeing Snelling get that double, huh?

Anyone read the paper and see how Speizio requested a trade? Exactly who will give us anything for someone earning 3 million a year to produce absolutely nothing? Isaiah Thomas is in the NBA, not MLB. I don't think there's a contender that needs significant help at first or third.

Losing tonight as well... GO M'S!!!

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