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Monday, July 25, 2005

I'm Back (is that a good thing?)

Well, I missed the Cleveland series this weekend, so I bet I am a happier person overall than most Mariner fans at this point. At this point of the season, the Mariners have officially entered "laughable" status, helped along by the inability of the Mariner front office to make a move. I count 6 days till the ol' trade deadline, while folks such as Winn, Guardado, and Villone still wear the Mariner blue.

Why does this team suck? Both offensively and pitching-wise? Why is the Oakland lineup so much better than ours? Here are a few of my answers.....

1. The lack of power from the outfield.

(Ichiro, Reed, Winn): 14 total

Seven of those come from Ichiro, which is a shocker. Reed, while impressing with his outfield defense, has underperformed at the plate, with only 2 HR in 307 AB's. Compare to other teams:

A's (Kielty, Kotsay, Swisher): 29
White Sox (Podsednik, Rowand, Dye): 26
Royals (Brown, DeJesus, Long): 19
Red Sox (Ramirez, Damon, Nixon): 44
Angels (Guerrero, Finley, Anderson): 37

Notice the difference? This is just another reason why Winn needs to go. We need a power outfielder, someone who can hit 15-20 bombs a year.

2. Adrian Beltre

This is a "superstar" that has a .298 OBP, 11 HR, 37 RBI, and has a .404 SLG. Again, compare to other team's superstars....

Eric Chavez: .329 OBP, 15 HR, 56 RBI, .440 SLG
Miguel Tejada: .368 OBP, 21 HR, 66 RBI, .592 SLG

Low production from someone who was supposed to carry our offense at times. Unacceptable.

3. Starting pitching ERA

I'll let the numbers speak for themselves - 4.75, 4.59, 4.47, 5.72, 5.14. Pathetic. You simply can not have a quality team with those types of numbers. We have a pseudo-Pineiro, an inconsistent Meche, an old Moyer, a junker in Franklin, and Sele. Out of these pitchers, only Moyer and Meche seem to bring it most often. Unfortunately, Meche is the MOST talented of these pitchers, but he seems to be a complete head-case. Are any of these guys valuable? Should any of them be in the rotation next year?

It seems like our lineup is continually pressing because they are continually behind. I have no idea of the merit of this idea, but I would love to see how our lineup would produce if they had consistently good starting pitching. Not excellent even, but just good, quality starts.

4. Starting pitching K's

Not only do these guys suck, but they can't strike anyone out to get out of a jam. Meche leads the rotation with 68, and Moyer (MOYER) is second with 64. We might not have a single starter with more than 100 K's by the end of the year. That is just silly, but understandable. Pineiro used to be able to strike people out when he had better velocity and the ability to spot his fastball. His current style depends too much on the curve to get hitters out, and you can tell that teams are preparing to face that curve on a 2-strike count.

This also means that no teams are afraid to get to a 2-strike count on our starters, so they can swing away earlier in the count, or even let a better pitch go by so they can wait for their pitch.

5. The bench absolutely sucks.

Scott (f***-ing) Spiezio. That is all.

-- Well, this is depressing me, so I'm going to stop. Here's what I think needs to happen to this team in the years ahead.

1. Build an effective rotation. Obviously King Felix will be a start, and Madritsch, if healthy, can be effective. That leaves 3 spots open. And no, we will not get Pavano for Randy Winn. Good try, Finnigan.

2. Get some pop in the outfield. Is Reed the answer? I say, maybe, not if he can't grow into at least a 10-15 HR guy. This is especially true as long as we have Ichiro. We simply can't have all three of our outfield only hitting singles. Please don't hate me for this, I like Reed, but he has underperformed offensively this year. Same goes for Choo. He is not showing any power in AAA this year, and would need to show me something before I would want him to have a significant role on the team.

3. Get a bench. Now. That is all.

4. By the way, we need a better catcher, Lopez to get comfortable, Soriano to get healthy, Putz to remember how not to suck, etc., etc., etc......

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