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Monday, July 04, 2005

Goodbye, Boone

This day comes as no surprise to the Mariner fan base. It comes as no surprise to anyone who has watched the Mariners play this year. This move needed to happen for several reasons, including offense, defense, and team leadership (allowing Beltre and Sexson to assume command). Every Mariner blog had this move as part of their rebuilding scheme. You have a player hitting .231 with little pop and little in the way of clutch hits, and, again, you have to make this move.

Part of me feels sad. The part of me who remembers the greatness of 2001 Boone (though I still have question marks surrounding that year) will always be thankful. The part of me who remembers the towering home-runs and the real bat-flips will be thankful. You were clutch. I remember the home-run you hit in Game 5 of the 2001 ALCS to put the M's up. I almost believed then that we were heading back to Seattle. The part of me who remembers the AMAZING defense in 2001 and 2002 will be thankful. You made plays at 2nd base that I could not believe. You were a part of the best overall defense that, in my opinion, Major League Baseball has ever seeen. The part of me who loves players who are straight-up, honest, and loyal to the fan-base will be thankful.

Goodbye, Bret. Come back for a resounding ovation sometime. You have a place in our memories, but you do not have a place on our team. That spot is taken by someone who is, probably, already better than you are right now. I hope you find a place for the next year or two before you call it quits. Please don't pull a Robby Alomar and force a team to cut you in spring training. Just retire with grace. Your body and hand-eye coordination just isn't what it used to be. Let it go.

Gavin: Colin has said just about everything as eloquently as possible. Thanks for the good times, Bret. However, there are some things I won't miss...

1. Unattractive middle aged ladies yelling
2. "The Boone" references
3. Bat Flips on pop flies
4. The one swing-and-miss guaranteed each at-bat
5. The fact that he'd obviously given up this year

This was finally a good move. I am not yet satisfied, however. Scott Speizio was playing yesterday. Wrong. Randy Winn is not yet traded, ditto with Shigetoshi Hasegawa, Ron Villone, or Guardado. Yes, I am not a believer in the trade Guardado threads. He's the only player we'll actually get a decent prospect for. So one down, Bavasi. A lot to go...

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At 1:26 PM, Blogger nach said...

What has Spezio ever done for the M's? He's sucked worse than Boone has... with less upside. Arg... still, Moyer should get props for outpitching a very angry 42 year-old Sunday.


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