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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Good, not great....

A real fast thought on this game:

Joel Piniero had a good game, obviously. He pitched a complete game and gave up two runs. He didn't allow the Angels to start any kind of rally after the Mariners quickly scored seven off Bartolo Colon. All that should be applauded soundly.

However, he only had 2 strikouts in those nine innings, with 2 walks. That means the Angels hit the ball, it just was one of those games where the balls were hit to our defense. Jose Lopez made 2 terrific plays on Garret Anderson balls that were sure singles, and Richie Sexson possibly saved a run in the 5th with a leaping catch.

We need pitchers who can strike people out. Joel used to be that kind of pitcher, but the velocity on his fastball was topping out at 87-88, with a change at roughly 84 (if I saw that right) and a curve at 74. That's just not the huge difference that he was getting when his fastball was in the 94 range.

One thing I did see tonight. Joel wanted this one. Badly. As much as I rip on the guy (just did), he really wanted to win and go the distance. I like seeing the heart there, especially after watching Gil Meche pitch. That's why I still hold out hope for the guy, but, seriously, he needs to go under the knife or something, because his stats will not improve until his velocity does.

As for the bats..... well, sometimes the clutch hits actually happen. In bunches. And that's what happened in the first two innings. It was kind of nice after watching other teams always have 2 out rallies against our pitchers. Jeremy Reed smoked one the other way (good to see, since he has been pull-happy), and the resurgent Adrian Beltre had the other huge hit. He is coming on strong, and it is great to see. He laid off the 3-2 pitch low and away to allow Reed the opportunity to bat. I called it before the pitch (ask my wife).

Bloomquist is hot. As much as I want Morse in there, for some strage reason, Bloomie is hitting well, plus playing respectable defense. He is causing me to rethink the whole "get rid of him" strategy, as he might prove to be a worthwhile bench guy after all. Small sample size, however, as the guys at USSMariner are wont to say (and as a communication researcher, I agree with them. Quantitative analyses rock sometimes!). Got to get Snelling in there, though. Winn got a few key hits, but I selfishly want Snelling in there every day. I just like watching him hit.

That was a bit longer then I thought it would be. Can Moyer keep it up tomorrow? Might we actually take 2 against the Angels?

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