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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Gavin's Thoughts o' the Day

It's midseason report card time for the M's, as the Seattle PI throws out these articles, here, here, and here. If you actually have paid attention to the team (or our blog), you'll already be well aware of the obvious ebbs and flows to this season.

Colin mentioned this already, but John Levesque's idiotic attempt at an article praising Willie Bloomquist as the spark to our four-game sweep is just that... idiotic. Look, Willie is proving that he could possibly be a decent utility player. Until then, why don't we wait and see if he can continue this current hot streak. Bloomquist has had MANY opportunities to prove if he's an everyday player and he has utterly failed each time. I would rather his at-bats go to Mike Morse and Jeremy Reed. Anyways, to say that he is the reason for our sweep of the Angels is ridiculous. The guy didn't have a home run, didn't drive in many runs... he was valuable, but not invaluable. This is the same loser effect to those idiots who go insane over David Eckstein. Eckstein plays with passion and doesn't give away many at-bats. Still, there are many shortstops I would rather have and not pay millions to. Jay Bilas would say he was "long" and had "upside potential", but that doesn't translate into superstardom. Essentially, good players are not MVPs. Let's never forget that.

Finally, kudos go out to Lance Armstrong for annihilating his competition today during the first mountain climb. He almost just won the Tour de France again today. That's just insane.

On to the All-Star game... still don't care about it!

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