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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

First Look....

at Bob Weiss by none other than Crushed Optimists favorite (scoff) Steve Kelley, who gives us a brief glimpse at the 2005-06 Sonics.

-- Run even more, meaning that the controlled offense of last year will be kicked up a notch. Expect more pressure on Ridnour.

-- More zone defenses, meaning that Weiss might go with the Suns' style of basketball. Bet you can't make more jump shots than we can....

-- Be Nate-lite, whatever that means

Simply put, this season will test my theory that NBA coaches, outside of the greats like Larry Brown, do not make a huge amount of difference in how a team will perform.

Gavin: Bob Weiss appears to be a safe choice who deserves a shot at coaching a team that's not in a rebuilding mode (although with the way our offseason is going, perhaps we are). I do like perhaps a greater emphasis on zone, since most teams can't buy a bucket from beyond the arc... it worked well for Phoenix, until San Antonio got crazy hot from there. However, Luke Ridnour really stepped it up defensively last year and we don't want to go away from his full court pressure. We do want to run, and can more without Jerome "Big Snax" James around. By the way, "Big Snax" will have oodles of fun running with Nate Robinson. That will be enjoyable. Frankly, we had a system that worked last year. We can tweak it and adjust it, and that's it. That's what I want to see, and that's what Weiss will bring. Now let's bring back some dang free agents. Oh yeah, and I agree with Colin that AD needs to shut up (see below). Have you ever noticed how pro atheletes ALWAYS say they were disrespected in leaving their previous situation if it involved loads of money? If Daniels does join Portland, it would be an odd move, especially for his asking time of three years. What part does he play on a team that wants to give major minutes to four other guards, Telfair, Webster, Anderson and Jack? Something doesn't make sense!

Other bad news: Stromile Swift will likely sign with Houston. Hopefully the Sonics now go full-bore after Tyson Chandler.

Antonio Daniels needs to shut up. Seriously. Does he actually believe the words that are coming out of his mouth? He wants to start, and has been clear about that for the past year and a half. He wants more money. The Sonics can give him neither of those wishes, thanks to Luke Ridnour and Ray Allen. You are not being disrespected, Daniels. Shut up.

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