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Monday, July 11, 2005

Diamond in the rough...

Last year we discovered Damien Wilkins. This year we are in need of some cheap help. The Sonics summer league is full of some exciting prospects that could help us out. I reviewed the roster and am really interested in how a few play out...

1. Aaron Miles, PG, Kansas
I've been a big Will Conroy fan, but in the back of my mind this was always my number two option. I've been a big Miles fan for a while. He was a winner in Kansas, a solid passer and defender, and could be a great replacement for Antonio Daniels.

2. Larry O'Bannon, G, Louisville
Anyone who followed college basketball last year knows how important O'Bannon was to Louisville's success. Frankly, he may have been more important than Francisco Garcia. His outside shooting touch is tremendous and he can play defense. He does have some size issues, but I think he'd be a lot better than Ronald Murray.

3. Matt Walsh, G, Florida
This idiot should have gone back to school, and he has a lot of talent, but poor size and quickness. I don't think he'll do much at all, but some scouts had him as a first round pick. Let's see if he proves doubters wrong. At the very least he'll have plenty of motivation.

4. Rick Rickert, F, Minnesota
Rick left school too early as well and was cut last year as a second round pick. He has size and offensive touch, but is afflicted with "white man's" disease (poor lateral movement). We need another forward, can Rick show up?

5. Richard Fox, C, Gonzaga
Have to give the 'Zag some props. A 7 footer from a Washington school will more than likely end up on our NBDL team unless he blows people away.

Of course Johan Petro and Robert Swift will be around as well, and we'll see how they do. Still, for as poor as the draft was, this is a fairly exciting squad to see how they perform. I think I can guarantee that two of the above five players will make our team and at least one will be a very nice surprise.

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At 12:32 AM, Blogger Sport 4ever said...

u have good opinion of Larry O'Bannon,that's cool.

He play in Serbia in RED STAR look his stats

I think that he is not good just in defend,everything esle is great,specialy shooting for 3 point.



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