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Friday, July 22, 2005

Colin's Notes:

-- I lived in Spokane, WA for 5 years before moving down to Phoenix. As such, I watched a ton of Gonzaga games, and got to love the game of Ronny Turiaf, a big man who loved to rebound, scrap, and could actually hit free throws. It is a big shock to me to find out that Turiaf has an enlarged heart which will require open-heart surgery to fix in the next few weeks. My prayers will be with Turiaf, as hopefully everything goes smoothly and he can get back on the basketball court for the Lakers. I was actually looking forward to watching a member of the Lakers play!

-- Mike Hargrove after yesterday's game, in which our starting pitching sucked..... again. "

"I'm real pleased with what Joel did today," Hargrove said. "He really battled his way through out there. I'm not sure I'd seen it from him the last couple of times out. But today, I saw him get upset, which is good to see.

"And I saw that he kept his composure. Hopefully this will be a good confidence boost."
Um, Mike? Pineiro sucked out there. He sucked. This was not something to be pleased with.

Pineiro's line: 6.0 7H 5R 5ER 2BB 4K 2HR

That is NOT a promising line for the future. Star Trek (rest in peace, James Doohan) is a promising line for the future. Spock and Kirk talking to the Mafia world after learning that they became that way because of a book is a promising line for the future. The whole idea of a Federation of Planets is a promising line for the future. The knowledge that, finally, Riker and Troi have found happiness together is a promising line for the future. Spock seeking to find peace with the Romuluns is a promising line for the future. Pineiro? That is a load of garbage.

-- Art Thiel has a VERY interesting article on one Shaun Alexander. Read it, and ponder the claims within.....

-- I will be visiting the grandparents over the weekend, so blogging capabilities will be nil. Have fun watching the M's play a team that is struggling even more than they are in the form of the Cleveland Indians.

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