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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Calm Before the Storm...

Before I go off on this whole Nate McMillan thing, I thought I'd throw up a much deserved link to Zumsteg's latest article from the Seattle PI. I'm not a huge fan of many of his articles, but I love this one... a financial analysis of our money/winning percentage versus our division, especially Oakland. It's pretty darn pathetic that we are spending almost 90 million dollars for this piece o' crap team. Meanwhile Oakland keeps on finding young pitching to supplement a weak offense. Now they have a new star in Bobby Crosby to pair with Eric Chavez.

To be honest, I blame this on Pat Gillick. Our farm system died under Gillick's watch. Gillick threw millions at Hasegawa, Boone, Moyer, etc that are going to waste this year and last. All those talented pitching prospects have crashed and burned.

Now it's Bavasi's turn, and so far he has not impressed. Can he turn it around? Hopefully... our farm system is looking slightly better, but I won't believe anything until they start performing at the major league level. Until then they are eye candy. Bavasi also signed Scott Speizio and Ron Villone to bad deals. Basically, front office personnel are most important in MLB, and we don't have competent people. Until then, Oakland will continue to run by us, Billy Beane laughing all the way.

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