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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Brief Notes:

-- All our prayers are with Ronny Turiaf, who underwent open heart surgery today down in Los Angeles. We hope that the surgery was successful and that, if possible, Turiaf can still fulfill his dream of playing in the NBA.

-- Clement has, finally, signed with the Mariners, which is great news. He should report to the minors later this week. I, for one, will be extremely interested in how he does.

-- The Seahawks have signed their 6th round pick, leaving all their picks from rounds 1-4 unsigned. Now that Alex Smith has finally signed with the 49ers, expect the other picks to fall rapidly, hopefully allowing at least Tatupu in by training camp.

-- Winn (and maybe Pineiro) for Pavano? That's the rumour. I'll have to think about that one for about, well, two seconds. I'd do that trade. We're not going to get a top-tier prospect for Winn, and Pavano seems like he would do better in a Mariner uniform. As for Pineiro, it took until late July, but the fricking GO TO GUY, for heavens sakes, is the first Seattle sports writer to spend an entire article on the mysterious performance of the would-be ace. You listen to some of the people Moore interviewed and you are stunned.

Rick Rizzs: "Missing all that time (from the elbow injury) took a toll on him."

Bill Krueger: "He needs to look deep and find more passion and a better commitment to the game. ... I don't see him improving. I see someone who needs to be pushed."

Bill Bavasi: "He can't overpower people like he once did, but he's got plenty of stuff to win. It might take learning a new way to pitch."

Bryan Price: "That's beyond unusual (referring to the huge drop in velocity). That's why we had concerns." However, Price follows that up with.... "At the beginning of the season, we hoped that by the end of the year, Joel would be a top of the rotation starter. There's enough time left for him to reclaim that position."

Listen, I'm not a baseball expert. I'm not a pitching coach. I didn't even play baseball past Little League. However, there is something wrong with Pineiro beyond rehabbing a shoulder, or developing more passion, or learning how to pitch again. He can't throw harder than the mid-80s, which has turned him into Aaron Sele with a worse curveball and (gasp) worse control. He has been, quite frankly, absolutely terrible with a capital T. And, if the Mariners decide to move him along with Winn to get Pineiro, I will laugh at the Yankees for wanting him.

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