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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Antonio: Gone

The Sonics have just lost another piece from their team last year, as Antonio Daniels has signed with the Washington Bullets (er.... Wizards) for 5 years (what!) and 30 million (what!).

Let's take a little look-see at the Sonics offseason so far:

Ray Allen - He was THE catch, the guy we had to have back in order to be considered any kind of a playoff team this year. He is the leader of the team, the guy that take the pressure off of Rashard Lewis and helps create some wonderful pick-and-rolls with the big men. Biggest move of the offseason.

Rick Sund - Call me in a year and we'll talk about whether this was a good move.

Nate McMillan - He did not pull an A-Rod. He was sending HUGE warning signals that he didn't want to come back for at least a year. Was I still surprised? Absolutely, and a little upset to boot. Did the Blazers overpay for him? I think so, but we won't really know until a few years down the road, when Nate has the opportunity to mold this group of guys into his kind of team.

Jerome James - Whenever you want a team to take some stupid individual off your hands, just call up Isaiah Thomas. Wow. Anyone who actually agrees to 5 years of James' career has a few screws loose. This move, in my opinion, actually improves our team, and definitely improves my feelings towards our team as a whole. I just did not like this guy.

Antonio Daniels - He wanted to start. Now he can, plus get paid $6 a year 3-4 years from now when his body has broken down. There is a reason that some teams get stuck in salary cap hell. It is because of these type of decisions. There is NO WAY that any team should have gone more than 3 years, $18-20 mill for Daniels' services. The Sonics made him a reasonable 3 year, $15 mill offer, and that is good enough for me.

So... we have lost a few people already, with more to follow. Am I worried? A little. However, I thought that teams overpaid for all three of the "lost" individuals above. The Sonics have a solid core, and I am praying for one nice free-agent of above-average skill to off-set some of the losses.

Of course, all this might be moot, since the players haven't yet signed the collective bargaining agreement, halting all free-agent movement.

Gavin: I have to chime in briefly on this signing, because this is absurd. There is absolutely no way that Antonio Daniels is worth that type of money, especially with the kind of abuse he puts his body through on a consistent basis. He has no big man to run screen and rolls with. Washington is going to be disappointed for that kind of money. Seriously, is there any sense left in the NBA? I'd be more upset about the Sonics losing him except I know there was no way we should give him that much money in the first place. 3 years 15 million was even probably too much, considering the emphasis we want to place on Ridnour (who is going to push for an All-Star berth, mark my words).

Also, the more I think about this Bob Weiss hire, the more I like it. Take that, naysayers. A lot of idiots over talk radio are very upset over this, but these are the same idiots who forgot that Nate McMillan was a mediocre coach before his players started showing their talent. Like Colin says, it's the players, stupid. Phil Jackson is going to miss the playoffs this year. Why the hell would we place that kind of pressure on Weiss? If we gloriously bomb, then yes, he gets to be the scapegoat. Until then, let's play entertaining basketball, keep confusing teams with different rotations, and let Ray Allen go for the MVP.

Vlade's agent wants him to sign the one-year tender. This would be freaking awesome for the Sonics. We get one more year for Radmanovic to prove that he's worth big money (since he's still all potential), so we have a player playing with a purpose. Always a good thing. If he succeeds, we will be able to offer him more money than any other team and know he's worth it. If he doesn't, we can offer him a similar deal to this past one (still overpaying him right now as far as I'm concerned... 6 years, 39 million) and wipe our hands clean if an idiot team (ala Washington Wizards, New York Knicks) offers him too much money.

The lesson is pretty simple... we had a bunch of good role players. Teams now feel those role players can be star starters. Those teams must not watch sports. The Daniels signing is like if Robert Horry got a ten million/yr contract to start because he's been such a great bench asset. Not smart...

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