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Friday, July 29, 2005

And We're Back

So for the next week there will be a general meeting of the editorial staff of Crushed Optimists. Therefore... not so much blogging. Since you're mostly used to just us as your full source for news and opinion on Seattle sports, I apologize. On to the news...

I am, as has been talked about many a time, incredibly excited about this season. I think we are going to kick some booty. Tatupu and Spencer aren't yet signed, but that will happen in the next day or so. I especially want Tatupu in so he can win that starting middle linebacker job. Spencer can hold out a bit since he'll be a backup anyways to Tobeck. I think this is a great year for the Hawks to prove all those naysayers wrong and get back to the playoffs (over the Arizona Cardinals).

2. Sonics still haven't signed anyone...
So Juan Dixon (who was the 12th man for the Washington Wizards) signed with the Portland TrailBlazers, giving them their 20th shooting guard. In other news, Damien Wilkins turned down a reported 16 million dollar deal from the same T-Blazers. Who in their mind gives out 16 million dollars and four years to a player that only got significant playing time at the end of the year? Also, the rumors of us going after Gary Payton are still around. If he would accept the Antonio Daniels role, that would be a major coup for us. Unfortunately, that's a major "if". Tyson Chandler is still available as well... this offseason can be salvaged.

3. Larry Brown becomes the coach of the Knicks for 13 million a year. 13 million a year for a coach who has won ONE NBA title in his career. One. To take over a team with a bunch of overpaid underacheivers. Perfect, Isaiah. Larry Brown + Jerome James = oodles of belly laughs for Gavin.

4. The M's send down Jose Lopez and call up that Betancourt guy. Now, I am excited to see what Betancourt can do, especially defensively. Still, the explanation was pretty darn weak. "Work on his hitting?" Hello? Miguel Olivo? Hello?

5. No trades yet. I can't even fathom how upset I'm going to be if nothing happens. I will drink myself into a stupor. Bavasi, do something. The Yankees traded for Shawn Chacon. SHAWN CHACON!! Can't you unload Winn on someone?

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