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Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Well, as dead as yesterday was at first, there was a flurry of excellent stuff to write about today.

1. The signing of Shaun Alexander is huge for this club next year, basically because we had no backup plan. None. I am not a big Shaun Alexander fan and hope he leaves. I'm going to have to watch his lazy a$$ not pick up third and one again this year. Still, this gives both sides what they want. If Shaun proves that he can block and pick up hard yards the Hawks sign him to a deal during the season. If Shaun doesn't, then Holmgren and Ruskell get a whole offseason/draft to replace him. In the meantime we will still have one of the biggest touchdown machines in football running for his contract. Not a bad situation all around.

2. Jeff Clement sounds more and more like a major stallion. I am going to be following his career closely. Definitely an upgrade on Miguel "Breaking Ball" Olivo. Hopefully he can dominate Everett (speaking of which, that Prettyman guy on the Aquasox looks like a stud too).

3. Bobby Madritsch is going to start throwing again! My favorite pitcher pre-2005 isn't dead! Note the blurb here again regarding Rafael Soriano... is he injured again or not? Sounds more promising today than yesterday...

4. Read this article by Art Thiel. I would write the same article verbatim, but he gets paid more than me (and is a slightly better writer as well)...

5. I'm a big fan of the yearly report of the ten most overpaid players in the league. I'd still put Alex Rodriguez on this because no one is worth 25 million, same with Manny at 20 million. Other notable omissions... Carlos Beltran, Randy Johnson, Ken Griffey Jr... but at least Bret Boone is number two!

6. Finally, David Locke does what he does best... write articles about the Sonics. I agree with his premise: good NBA teams are built on a core, and we have a core. However, I disagree with Vladimir Radmanovic being a part of that core. Not the Radmanovic I've seen for forever and a day. I'd rather have Damien Wilkins, who would be the only member of our current core outside of Collison who can defend off the dribble. When Vlade shows that he's putting it all together I'll be a believer. He has one more year... ala Shaun. I'm not panicking about the Sonics. I do think they need to do a better job adding some size and some role players to their club. However, we will be competitive with what we have (and way better than the Trail Blazers) and that's what I ask for. As much as I wish, we were not going to win an NBA title with our group last year, that was a one time deal. If everyone had returned they would have done worse... obviously don't know that as a fact, but it's the way I feel.

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