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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Am I Too Optimistic, Or Is John Clayton High?

John Clayton, the preeminant football analyst for ESPN, claimed on SportsCenter today that the three teams with the worst offseasons were the Packers, the Titans, and.... the Seahawks. He justified that decision by saying that we lost Okeafor, Simmons, and Chad Brown, hindering our pass rush and weakening our linebacker corp.

WHAT!!!!!! THE!!!!!!! HELL!!!!!!!

Let's see what the Seahawks accomplished this offseason after enduring a horrific defensive year where we could not stop anyone in the 4th quarter, and couldn't stop the Rams during the entire 2nd half of the playoffs.

-- Got a much better team president in Tim Ruskell (yes, I am now a believer)
-- Signed Andre Dyson, a great corner from the Titans
-- Signed Jamie Sharper, a great linebacker from the Texans
-- Signed Bryce Fisher, who had as many sacks last year as Okeafor
-- Got rid of various malcontents, including Koren Robinson, Okeafor, Simmons, and Chris Terry.
-- Signed Hasselback and basically gave the team over to him
-- Got several nice-looking young linebackers, including Tatupu
-- Allowed Marcus Tubbs another year to develop and basically told him the starting job is his to lose
-- Got pro's to man the wide-outs, including clutch performer Jurevicious (probably misspelled that one)

GAAAAAHHH! Maybe that wasn't the best offseason, but it surely wasn't one of the three worst! We still might pick up Boulware, and then obviously need to work out what is going on with Alexander, but I am pretty satisfied with the offseason so far. Am I insane?

Gavin: Colin didn't even mention Kelly Herndon, the other excellent corner we signed, the fact that Michael Boulware has another year of experience at safety, same with Ken Hamlin and Marcus Trufant. Clayton, Clayton, Clayton...

Worse offseasons than ours... SF 49ers (exactly what did they do?), St. Louis Rams (drafted malcontents and has a worse offensive line than before), Dallas Cowboys (Drew Bledsoe?), Denver Broncos (Jerry Rice and the Cleveland Browns defensive line?)... this is off the top of my head. Pretty pathetic effort by Clayton, who normally is a solid analyst.

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