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Monday, July 04, 2005

Alexander Holding Out?

This could be a problem for a Seattle team that has had an incredible (in my opinion) off-season. The Times reports that Alexander is ready to hold out the entire season unless he receives a long-term contract.

This doesn't surprise me, but I am not sure what this means to the season. Can I trust Maurice Morris with the load? What about Kerry Carter?

Gavin, what do you think? Add to this, will you?

Gavin: I think that Shaun Alexander is ready to not be a Seahawk anymore, because that's the only reason he makes this demand. He knows that the Hawks will not do that. This is his leverage to get kicked out of town. Still, who in the devil will play running back for us? Kerry Carter is possibly the answer... definitely more so than Morris.
Look, I am not a big Shaun Alexander fan, so if we can find a trading partner, please, for the love, let's do it. If so, Ruskell, have a plan.

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At 12:52 PM, Blogger Jeremy said...

Once July 15 rolls around, then we'll see some action regarding Alexander. Until then, this is where we're at.

Alexander is a top 5 back. There's no reason why he shouldn't stay in Seattle. I'm not a Morris or Carter believer at all. All #37 has done the last four years is score touchdowns. He's had at least 14 touchdowns each of the last 4 years (14, 16, 14, 16).

Count me in the "keep Alexander" camp.

At 12:54 PM, Blogger Jeremy said...

BTW, the first-round pick of Chris Spencer tells me that Ruskell wants to build around Shaun.

Call me an optimist, but I think Shaun gets his long term deal in a few weeks.

At 11:16 PM, Blogger colin_hesse said...

Count me in the "keep him" camp. I was watching "Around the Horn" for some reason today, and Bill Plaschke from the LA Times actually said that we had a stud in Maurice Morris waiting in the wings. It took me hearing those words to understand how wrong they were. Morris has proven nothing. In my opinion we shouldn't have wasted a 2nd round pick on him. Yes, Alexander says stupid things sometimes, but he can carry our offense when our passing attack is being manhandled. I have decided on my opinion. Keep Shuan.


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