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Saturday, July 09, 2005

3 For 3

-- I figured I would celebrate this monumental achievement by posting the first ever picture onto Crushed Optimists. Who would have thunk that the first picture would be of Willie Bloomquist? He did, once again, have a solid night.

-- Vlad Guerrero is 1-12 so far this series. That might mean some hurt is coming tomorrow afternoon, when the ball flies out of this stadium.

-- An Olivo hit? Bunting over Esteban Yan. Well, I guess he will take it.

-- Still don't like the Angels broadcasting team. Sorry, chaps.

-- Has our offense taken Viagra or something? Honestly, they now stand erect and at attention. Unfortunately, I hear that lasts 36 hours, so it might have worn off by tomorrow.

-- The Mariners have not had a 4 game winning streak this year yet. We can do it tomorrow, as Gil Meche (who recently, according to Bryan Price, just learned to pitch) goes against another Santana, this one a rookie for the Angels.

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