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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Who Wants To Be Bored??!! - An Insomniac's Dream: The NBA Finals

Detroit vs. San Antonio. Whoo. Whoo.....


That's pretty much all the cheering I can muster for this series. We'll do our series preview a little differently this time, mostly because I for one could care less about who wins this one.

Top Ten Lines You Will Hear During This Series:

10. That was just good fundamental basketball.
9. Detroit is known to go through long stretches of drought offensively.
8. Defense wins championships.
7. This is what America likes to see, basketball played the right way.
6. Marv, wake up. Marv!
5. Tim Duncan has to make these free-throws.
4. And Nazr Mohammed slams it home.
3. Robert Horry, one of the most consistently clutch players of our time.
2. Push off by Richard Hamilton, and he drains the jumper.
and, coming in a #1...
1. Ginobli falls to the floor after a hard foul.

Honestly, I have very little to say about this one, besides taking the time to say that Detroit will win in 5, 6 at the most. Tony Parker will be manhandled by Billups, Duncan will have his hands full with Rasheed and Ben Wallace, and Ginobli will have to carry the offense by himself. He can do that for 1 game, and more than that? Absolutely not. On the other side, Bowen can probably stop Hamilton from just going off, but who is going to stop Chauncey Billups? My MVP on the series.

Burning Question: Will there be any games of 100 points in this series?
2nd Burning Question: Will Colin watch more than 100 minutes of this series?

The answer will be "NO" to at least one of these questions. Which one remains to be seen.

Detroit and San Antonio fans, have fun. I'll be dreaming of a different series, one that involves Miami, Phoenix, Seattle, or Dallas.

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