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Thursday, June 09, 2005


What do I read from Tony Meija? This might be one of the most entertaining NBA Finals ever?


(Deep breath)

Tony, you are wrong. Arena Football will be more exciting. Mike Tyson claiming he will fillet his opponent like a fish is more exciting. Those stupid commercials for "The Closer" on TNT are more exciting.

Forget that.

On a different note, how can I feel like we gave a game away last night against the D-Train? Well, I do. We had runners in scoring position almost constantly, and our bats failed almost constantly. Where is Ichiro? I love the guy, but c'mon! Swing the bat like we all know you can! And, Meche, I complimented you yesterday, and this is how you repay me? I know you are blaming it on the mound, but it sure didn't seem like Ryan Franklin had too much of a problem yesterday. You walked 5, my man, 5. That's atrocious.

Will we win the series? Hmmmm. Josh Beckett vs. Aaron Sele. No, we will not win the series. Time to look forward to Washington. Now.

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