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Monday, June 20, 2005

What a Weekend...

As Jeremy over at Sports & B's says, it's fun to be a M's fan right now. And it's about fricking time. Honestly.

-- Mariners Lineup + Jose Lopez - Bret Boone = Much Improved.

-- Matt Thornton: As if heartburn isn't already a problem for me.

-- Pedro: Who's your daddy now?

-- Morse: Will I ever figure you out? Will I ever fall for you? Not yet, but you are making it more and more difficult with every opposite-field hit.

-- Which bottom of the order sounds better: Randy Winn, Miguel Olivo, Wilson Valdez or Jeremy Reed, Michael Morse, and Rene Rivera. Answer.... you better know. And it makes a huge difference. We aren't throwing away innings without any chance of a rally.

-- Mike Hargrove: Please learn how to control a bullpen. And get rid of somebody. (Thornton)

-- That was, perhaps, on Saturday, the worst umpiring I have ever seen. That strike zone could not have been figured out by Stephen Hawking himself.

-- I like the new Pepsi with Lime.

-- Check out USSMariner, Lookout Landing, and Sports & B's for terrific posts today. Lookout Landing has one of the best posts I have ever seen on the Death Spiral of Matt Thornton.

-- Now Oakland! Bring it on! (post forthcoming)

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