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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Welcome back, Zen Master

Now the truth will be told. Red Auerbach will be proved right or wrong. Can Phil Jackson coach a bad team? This is what he will be asked to do now that he has been rehired to coach the Lakers. What do they have after Kobe Bryant? Absolutely nothing. Seriously. You could easily replace every single one of the Lakers. I've always thought that anyone could have won championships with Michael Jordan or with Kobe/Shaq. A trained monkey could have. Now we see if Phil is worth ten million a year to make them competitive again. My guess? No.

Colin: Phil, what do you got?

1. Kobe Bryant, a man you considered to be uncoachable, and wrote a book saying as much.

2. Lamar Odom, who has almost as good a sad face as Tim Duncan, plus has the amazing gift to absolutely disappear when he doesn't want to play.

3. Caron Butler, who is a millimeter from becoming another Ron Artest.

4. Chris Mihm, who somehow was the 2nd best player on the Lakers last year, yet still, in the end, is Chris Mihm. Not quite Shaq. Not quite Jerome James.

5. Devean George, who has done absolutely NOTHING in years.

6. Luke Walton. That's right.... Luke Walton.

Phil, what in the world are you doing, dawg? Don't expect to do anything next year. Heck, the Lakers might be the 4th best team in CALIFORNIA, after Sacramento, the Clippers, and the up and coming Golden State Warriors. Who are they going to knock out of the playoffs from this year's teams? San Antonio, Dallas, Phoenix, Seattle (if the offseason goes well), Houston, Denver, Sacramento, and Memphis are all good teams. Memphis might be the weakest, but the Clips, the Warriors, or the T-Wolves could easily take this spot before the Lakers. Phil, good luck, man!

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